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The Operations Policy Manual in CU PolicyPro contains comprehensive policies and regulatory guidance – developed and written especially for credit unions by regulatory (legal and financial) experts. CU PolicyPro is designed for credit unions to customize and implement policies that are particular to the individual credit union. The format is clear and easy to use so you can find the information you need when you need it.

Key Features

  • Secure, Web-based Platform CU Solution Group’s secure, Web-based platform provides instant, worldwide access to essential information. You and any authorized staff can securely access, view, print and update your policies from any Internet connection.
  • Complete Solution CU PolicyPro provides a complete solution to setting up and maintaining policies including Complete Policy Manual, Monthly OPS Notes, Semi-Annual Updates and Operations Tools.
  • Manual Builder “Manual Builder”, CU Solution Group’s online word processing tool, allows you to easily customize your manual. Because CU PolicyPro is already written in ready-to-use policy format, you can customize your manual using familiar word processing features.
  • Easily Add New Sections One simple click creates a new page to be inserted in your manual. By adding the policy number, you determine where the new policy will fall in your manual.
  • Archive Capability If a policy is not being used by your credit union, one button click can move the policy from your manual to archive, or can create a copy before updating, making it easy to access for future reference.
  • Easy Insertion of Semi-Annual For new policies or updated policies with no CU specific customization needed, one to two clicks will
  • Updated Information insert the new information into your manual.
  • Library Access The Online OPS manual contains a Library section, which includes an archived history of all changes made from the Semi-Annual update, as well as all published monthly OPS notes.
  • Storage Area The Storage Area provides a place to electronically store published manuals, as well as supplemental documents that can be accessed by authorized staff.
  • Access to the Master Manual The online version contains the full text of the Master Manual – for reference or to easily revert back to the master text for any policy.
  • Access by User The online version allows you to set different levels of access for staff, from full administrative access to read-only access.
  • Subscription Service Your subscription not only pays for the online hosting of your manual, but provides you with semi-annual updates, monthly OPS notes to keep your manual current and a toll-free number for technical support.

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