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Most credit unions know that they should be doing SOMETHING to attract young members, but many still ask: “What are the benefits of a credit union youth savings program?” 

The simple answer is that today’s youth are tomorrow’s adult members.  If credit unions fail to market to the next generation now, their future borrowing and spending may be lost to competitors.

The Credit Union Association of New Mexico has developed a strategy to aide you in ensuring the future of your credit union.  We proudly market the Claim Your Youth CultureTM program with Claim Your Youth Teens Financial Network, Family Roo and the Kirby Kangaroo Club to credit unions across the United States and Canada. 

The Credit Union Association of New Mexico’s Claim Your Youth Culture Team brings you a full suite of programs that complement each other to provide your members with financial information and to promote and facilitate financial goal setting.

Kirby Kangaroo Club is for children ages 5-11, featuring a Catch & Save smartphone app featuring Kirby’s friends Koin and Kash Croc.

The Caltlaim Your Youth (to CU Succeed) program is for teens and young adults.

Family Roo Financial News for parents, grandparents, and other adults in a Kirby Kid or CYY teen’s life.

Let us help you engage your members with these programs. Check the website at for information about the Kirby Kangaroo Club, Claim Your Youth for teens, and Family Roo Financial News for families.

We look forward to helping you help your members,

Amy, Marcus, Paula, and Mary Beth


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